Trump vs. Biden August Polls

New August polls between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden continue to show a solid lead for the former vice president.

New polls from major polling organizations show a lead of 8 percentage points on average for Biden over Trump in the general election. A FOX News poll shows a favorable 7-point lead for Biden, while an NPR/PBS/Marist poll shows an 11-point lead for Biden.

Approval ratings for Trump have been falling since COVID-19 reached the U.S. They’ve fallen even further after Black Lives Matter protests broke out two weeks ago falling the death of George Floyd. Biden’s numbers have remained steady as he continues to search for a running mate – a decision he said he’ll make in the first week of August.

Biden finally announced his running mate as California Senator Kamala Harris this week, adding diverse representation and a strong, energizing political presence to his campaign. New polls show many voters around the country look favorably upon Harris’s selection.

As the general election battle starts heating up, COVID-19 cases in the country are yet again surging to record levels. Biden has started ramping up advertising campaigns and giving regular virtual addresses about the virus and about his platforms, while Trump has resumed daily press conferences on a variety of topics.

The Democratic National Convention starts on August 17, where Biden’s candidacy for the general election will be made official. The convention will be mostly virtual this year over COVID-19 concerns, with Biden and Harris giving their speeches from Delaware.