Tropics Update: Tropical Storm Paulette, Tropical Storm Rene, Invest 94-L

The tropics continue to be active, particularly in the Atlantic basin. With Paulette and Rene named, we only have 4 more names left in the Atlantic Hurricane season. After that, we’ll start naming storms after the Greek alphabet. The next name on the list is Sally, which might be coming sooner than you think. Invest 95L has been tagged by the National Hurricane Center, and it looks healthy and stable enough that it has been given a 90% chance of development. The track is uncertain, but some models point to this storm heading west and entering the Caribbean, where it will affect several island nations. But a reminder that these models are never going to be 100% accurate all the time, and some are just flat out wrong. But it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out. If future Hurricane Sally continues west into the Caribbean, it is looking at very favorable conditions which could help it intensify fast. Invest 95L should definitely be monitored.