Surge of COVID-19 Cases Across U.S. States By The Numbers

The U.S. has counted more than 3.3 million COVID-19 infections. The cumulative growth of cases published on Worldometers shows that the curve of total U.S. cases has been growing quite gradually for a while before swerving onto a steeper trajectory lately. While several states have for now made good progress on flattening the curve of infection, others have seen a dramatic surge in cases over the last three weeks.

While New York and New Jersey – still among the hardest-hit in the nation – stabilized their outbreaks, cases are again growing fast in California, Texas, Florida, Georgia and Arizona. Flattening curves could also be observed in other states in the Northeast and Midwest, including Massachusetts and Connecticut, while more spikes in cases were registered in the South and the West, for example in North Carolina, Louisiana, Tennessee and Utah. In Illinois, similar to Pennsylvania and Michigan, the curves of infections had largely flattened, but started to climb again amid the recent developments.

California, Texas and Florida now count more cumulative cases than New Jersey, which had the second-most cases after New York since the disease took hold in the U.S. With cases growing extremely fast in the “second wave” states, case counts in the “first wave” states of the Northeast could soon pale in comparison.