Maharashtra Counts for 40 Percent of COVID-19 Deaths in India

As India is approaching 50,000 coronavirus deaths, 40 percent of total COVID-19 fatalities had been recorded in Mumbai and Maharashtra. In comparison, only 22 percent of cumulative cases were recorded in the state as of Aug 12, 2020. In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, case numbers have been rising quickly and death counts could follow suit.

According to the Ministry of Health, Delhi and Gujarat logged fewer cases recently so their large share in¬†India’s COVID-19¬†fatalities could soon diminish. As of yesterday, the two states had registered the third and fifth most deaths, but only the fifth and tenth most cases.

Similar to the situation in Delhi and Mumbai, major cities are responsible for most cases in the states. Chennai in Tamil Nadu and Bangalore in Karnataka recorded a substantial number of cases, while in Andhra Pradesh, the densly populated East Godavari district saw the highest infection numbers.