Brazil, Peru, And Sweden The Countries Currently Worst Hit By COVID-19 Deaths

This infographic looks at the rolling 7-day averages for new COVID-19 deaths per million people to get a picture of the countries currently suffering the worst effects of the coronavirus pandemic. At the top of the list as of May 27 is Sweden. The Nordic country has enforced few social distancing or lockdown rules and is now seemingly paying the price for this approach.

The United Kingdom, which originally embarked on a similar strategy of aiming for herd immunity is also present in the top part of this ranking. Brazil, where President Bolsonaro staunchly rejects the efficacy of social distancing and blanket lockdowns is perhaps unsurprisingly in second place. According to a prominent doctor in Peru, the escalating situation there, despite a quickly implemented lockdown, is mainly down to people “not respecting the law”. The figures, as calculated by Our World In Data, have the United States in fifth place.

As noted by the source, variations in the extent of testing and the inherent challenges and potential differences with the attribution of cause of death means that the number of confirmed deaths may not be one hundred percent accurate.